How we can work together to achieve your outcomes

My clients know me to have a relaxed and helpful style. So you have the same experience, I’ve outlined my client-service process below:


  • My fee depends on the length and the type of copy you’re after. We’ll discuss your needs in an initial consultation (phone, Skype, email or in person).
  • I’ll then complete a Communications Brief and email that to you for feedback and confirmation.
  • When you get my quote, it’ll include a request of 50% payment up front, and the remainder within seven days upon completion of the job. If the project worth is $1,000 or less, I require 100% up front payment.
  • I do three drafts to incorporate any feedback you have. If it’s copyediting, I insert comments in the document with suggestions and reasons for the edits.

I’m often booked weeks in advance, so please confirm the job as soon as possible. If urgent, please state this in your initial contact and I’ll do my best to accommodate.

You can contact me now on 0433 544 930 or  to discuss how I can make you shine.