Writing Tips and Tricks

Word cutting

With limited spare time, it’s tough to get anyone to read anything.

A big part of writing is cutting out words, so people only read what they need to. Make it a game to review every sentence and simplify. If you even cut out one word from every sentence, by the end of the page you’ll save a paragraph.

Here’s how:

Common phrases like ‘to be honest’, ‘very’ and ‘indeed’ can be deleted. Why? It doesn’t add any value to the sentence. If you write ‘to be honest’ it implies the rest of the communication may not be truthful.

Furthermore, ‘very’ is a filler word. Instead of ‘very happy’, very tired’, and ‘very shy’, why not write ‘ecstatic’, ‘exhausted’ and ‘timid’ to add more punch to your sentence.

Similarly, phrases like ‘final conclusion’, ‘for the most part’ and ‘for the reason that’ can be replaced by ‘conclusion’, ‘mostly’ and ‘because’ respectively.

Try incorporating the above editing tips for more clear, concise and compelling communications.