Copywriter and Editor

For most people promoting their business, copywriting engaging, persuasive and impactful content is challenging at the best of times.  Editing existing copy to the same standard is equally challenging in that the editor has to see and feel what works and what doesn’t for specific target audiences.

The best copywriter is a creative problem solver. The best editor is a rigorous content overseer. And both know what makes a target audience tick.  As your copywriter and/or your editor, that’s what you can expect from me. I produce communication pieces to maximise open rates, make the reader want to keep reading and feel good about your brand. By the end, they’ll be wanting more (in other words, conversion).

I can do the same for you as I’ve done for so many other clients. I’ve worked as a copywriter and editor for small, medium and large companies as well as communications agencies. So I’m familiar with both client needs and agency expertise.

What I can do for you:
· Direct mail-outs
· Award submissions, tenders and proposals
· Print ads
· Info-graphics
· Flyers
· Brochures
· Articles
· Blogs
· Video scripts.

I’m also partnered with a graphic designer if you require a combo deal. Even if you don’t have anything in the pipeline right now, feel free to contact me and chat.